Sample Saviour Explained

Sample Saviour Explained

this is the boot load of fabric samples that came from Creative Curtain

Hi everyone, welcome to my blogging journey. The name Sample Saviour comes from a community Craft Group that I run called Destiny Helping Hands. Our aim is to find the needs within our community and use the skills and talents that we have within our group to create something that will fill that need.

Every talented person who attends our group donates their time and talents to create and share a little love to those in need. Every piece of material or ball of yarn that we use is also donated, And then the final product is donated to the person or the organisation assisting those in need.

Our 2 biggest contributors are a fabric manufacturer in Brisbane called Materialised and a local Caboolture curtain manufacturer called Creative Curtains. Through these very generous manufacturers we have obtained boot loads of fabric samples. I aim to share with you my journey in finding ways to use these samples, giving them a new life and purpose.

this is the boot load of fabric samples that came from Creative Curtain the first boot load of fabric samples.

I hope you will join me on my journey.
If you would like to know more about Destiny Helping Hands you can visit our facebook page.


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