Analogy of the sample

Analogy of the sample

I was in church on Sunday when God gave me this amazing analogy, I was blown away by how God can show me the relativity of his love in anything, even the fabric samples I use every time I sew.


The fabric sample is usually found in a book form stapled together with other samples of different colours, fibres and textures.  Some are light, sheer and very delicate, some are tough with a dense weave and bold colours while others are plain and simple with a more versatile usefulness.

Now each sample comes stapled to others, with holes in the top to enable them to stay in place, while they stay within the confines that the holes enable, they won’t get lost or left behind.

Each sample also comes with a crimped edge, this is performed before the sample sets out to it’s first job, it helps to keep the sample looking nice and not fraying on the edges.

Sometimes lightweight samples come with a paper tape stuck around all sides before the edge is crimped, this is a double measure to stop fraying.

Lastly each sample comes with a label, this tells the buyer exactly what the sample is, the colour, texture, weight & fibre.

Once the sample book is assembled it is then sent out to work, everyday that it is being shown to customers it is feeling fulfilled and it has great worth.  Then one day the customers ideas and needs change and the sample book is out of date, the samples are no longer selling, so the owner of the sample book decides that it is time for this book to go into the rubbish.  Do you every feel this way? Do you feel used up?

Along comes the Sample Saviour.  The sample saviour will take that book of used up fabric samples and remove the staples, cut off the holes, remove the protective paper from around the edges and remove the label.  The Sample Saviour now has a clean fresh piece of fabric, that is ready to take on a new identity.

He then stands back and looks at the fabric and decides what it will become, he then pins and cuts and pins again, sews and snips and pins again, he turns and pushes and pulls, irons and maybe stiches the openings closed.  He then stands back and looks with pride at what he has made. He now has a purse or a bag or a luggage tag or a child’s toy. This once useless piece of fabric now has a new purpose, it has a new job, it’s life has begun again.

Each of us is a sample, each of us starts our journey in life with systems and techniques that we have put in place to keep us from falling apart, whether that be the makeup we wear to cover our blemishes or the walls we put up to protect our heart from hurt or the brave face we put on that hides the scars. We all have what seems like holes in our lives that are used to hold us in place. Hold us where we were trained and taught to be. Then there are the staples, which are the confining and constricting relationships we may have developed, connections that we struggle to get away from.  Lastly we have the label that defines us, It represents what we say when someone asks, “So what do you do?”  It is what we have worked all our life to be or achieve.

So when we come to the Saviour he initially looks at you with love and pulls you out of the rubbish pile and if you let him he will get to work and will start your journey to a new destiny, he will cut off anything that we have used to hold us together, he will break the ties that have held us to destructive relationships, he will heal the hurts and can even completely change your purpose in life.  Now it may hurt and you might feel poked, prodded, pricked and even a little stitched up.  But if you let him complete the job you will come out completely changed. As it says in 2 Corinthians 5:17 If anyone is in Christ he is a new creation, the old has passed away, behold the new has come!


Will you let the Sample Saviour make something new with your life?


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