sample – toiletry bag

I recently had a large number of samples that were approx. 15inch x 16inch, This is a rather large size for a sample so there is probably a lot of thing that can be made out of it. So what have I made out of these samples.  My first priority is always ‘how can I use these samples to help the community, so that will always be where my first ideas  for these fabrics.


Toiletry bags with a draw sting are a great use for this size sample.  We are always able to use the more solid types of fabric in this size for toiletry bags.  These are needed by groups such as Caboolture Community Action Group, Who assist the homeless in our area.

Caboolture Hospital Mental Health, for patients who arrive under emergency situations.

Connected Volunteers, who make up care packages for disaster relief such as floods and fires.  We have sent many blanket, clothes and toiletry bags to Tasmania and NSW bushfires through these guys.  If you want to get a warm blanket rather than money to people in disaster areas Connected Volunteers are the ones to see.

I recently had some  beautiful floral fabrics in this size, so made the toiletry bags and gave them to group that assists women struggling with drug addiction.

Here are the instructions

Your will need:

2 pieces of sample approx. 14inch x 16inch (you can use any size for this bag, the end product is just smaller)                                            SAMSUNG

Sewing machine

sewing thread

cord to use as a drawstring

quick unpick

How to:
If you use pins then pin your 2 samples with right sides together and sew around 3 sides. you might want to neaten around any edges that are not crimped to avoid fraying.

Press the side seams open.   SAMSUNG

Fold over a generous 2inch hem at the top to make a casing.

SAMSUNG If you have overlocked there is no need to fold under a hem, if you haven’t overlocked, fold under a hem and sew 2 rows of stiching approx 1inch apart to form a casing.

Turn the bag right side out.      SAMSUNG

Using the quick unpick,  SAMSUNG slit the stitches on the outside of the side seam. (DO NOT SLIT THE 2 ROWS OF CASING STITCHES, ONLY THE SIDE SEAM STITCHES INBETWEEN) This will give you the opening to thread your cord through.

Thread your cord through the casing and tied the ends together.

All done  SAMSUNG

This bag is big enough to carry full sized shampoo bottles, so you won’t be short on space.
If you would like to find out more about sewing for your community like us on facebook at
If you would like to see what else I have used these samples for check out my online shop

sample – toiletry bag


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