re-givable gift bag

re-givable gift bag

presentAre you a peeler or a ripper?  What?

When it comes to opening presents do you carefully peel the sticky tape so you can save the paper for next time? or do you just get stuck in and rip that paper off?

I am a peeler, I hate throwing this beautiful paper away, it is so pretty and is part of the gift. The giver of the gift has spent money on the present and the paper so I will always try and save it to use again. I guess I am also a bit of a stinge as well, I often get the present (or make it usually) but I forget that it needs a wrapping, so my box of saved paper or gift bags is my life line.  I also buy rolls of Christmas paper during the Christmas sales, I only buy plain colours or ones that aren’t obviously Christmas.  This means that I have emergency paper on hand all year round.

Well if you are a ripper and don’t have wrapping paper saved or you are the person that has to buy wrapping paper everytime you buy a present. Here is a solution for you.

A re-givable gift bag.

Some samples that I receive are sheer or really light weight fabrics SAMSUNG

so are not good for use in the hospitals or for toiletry bags, So I make them into a re-givable gift bag.  Depending on the size of the sample it will give you a gift bag for everything from jewellery to gift packs.  If you happen to have excess sheer fabric, maybe an offcut rather than a sample, you can make a re-givable gift bag of any size.

Ok so here’s how

You will need

  • A sheer or light weight sample any size will work if you are making them to have a stash set aside.
  • cord or ribbon
  • sewing supplies
  • sewing machine
  • quick unpick

How to

look at the sample and decide if you will put 2 samples together or if you will fold it in half.   SAMSUNGThe sample I used had a sticker that wouldn’t come off, so I cut that section of sample out and then folded the two leftover piece in half to make 2 different sized gift bags.    SAMSUNG

The smaller piece I folded up, so I sewed the 2 side seams.  The larger piece I folded side ways , so I sewed one side and across the bottom.

SAMSUNG    Be carful when sewing with sheer fabrics, they are very slippery and can fray a lot if not cut straight.

Once you have sewn up the bag,

SAMSUNG     press the side seams open andSAMSUNG fold down a generous hem at the top, (approx. 2inch or 5cm) and sew 2 rows of stitching about 1 inch of 2.5cm apart around the top to form a casing.

Turn the bag the right way out.

SAMSUNG   Using a quick unpick  slit the stitches in the side seam between the two rows of casing sewing.  (be careful to only slit the stitches and not the fabric)

On my smaller bag I had 2 side seams so I slit both sides and then threaded a ribbon In, SAMSUNGaround and back out each side seam, creating a bag that draws closed from both sides. SAMSUNG

The larger bag only had one side seam so I just used one ribbon as a draw string.  SAMSUNG

I did find that the 2 draw strings stayed shut very well while the one draw string tended to open up a little, so I wrapped the ribbon around the top and tucked it under the hold the bag in place.  Whether yours does this or not will depend on the fabric type and the size of ribbon you use.



Once this is done you then have your re-giveable gift bag. It is so easy you won’t want to stop at one.

If you want to get involved in a group that finds practical ways to fill the needs of the local community like our facebook page at

If you would like to check out my shop, and see what else I do with samples visit


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