Fabric scraps into a childs toy

Fabric scraps into a childs toy

When my husband and I were planning on starting a family I said to him, “for my first Mothers Day, whether I am pregnant or actually have the baby, I would like an overlocker” well being the wonderful husband he is, he went out and bought me an overlocker before I was even pregnant. SAMSUNG

I started making clothes for the eventual arrival.  I started buying remnants from a local shop and have been creative ever since. SAMSUNG

The first addition to our family did come along eventually, I think it was about 18months later.  He is now 17 going on 18.  Wow how time flies.

I still have the left overs from some of the clothes I made him, but now they are way to small for anything except this project. SAMSUNG

So if you have been making children’s clothing and have a pile of scraps. Here is a video tutorial to show you how to turn those fabric scraps into a soft ball. These balls can be for any age, babies and toddlers find the colours irresistible (the colours in the video are nicer) and the soft squishy feel makes it easy to hold and can be great for learning those catching and throwing skills, while older children and even teenagers enjoy them for games like tag or poison ball. Even when thrown with force they will not hurt. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBYHb7s-Oik&feature=youtu.be

I hope you enjoy having a go at this fun project.  Leave me a photo of the balls you make, I would love to see them.

Catch you all again next week


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