Emergency Dept compassion bag

Emergency Dept compassion bag

Recently  I received a very generous donation for my Destiny Helping hands group of approx. a cubic metre of fabric.  It consisted of heaps of 1-2 metre long pieces of curtaining  fabrics. I send out a big thankyou to Creative Curtains in Morayfield for the donation, they are a huge supporter of our group.  If you need new curtains and live in the Moreton Bay shire, make sure you give then a chance to quoteSAMSUNG SAMSUNG

So what do you do with all this fabric?  Heaps and heaps should be what you are saying.  Well what have I done with it?

The first request I had was from the Social Worker connected with the Emergency Dept at Caboolture Public Hospital, for a large bag that could be used in the sad event that someone passes away in ED and then the family is given their personal belongings to take home.  Having a nice bag adds a personal touch to a sad situation.

So that’s what we did.  We proceeded to make 12 large box style bags, big enough to carry a helmet, or work boots.

If you keep reading I have included instructions to make this bag, should you want to suggest it to your local Emergency Dept and make a difference in your community.

ED Compassion Bag (based on the square eco shopping bags found in most supermarkets)


First of all you need 2 sides, one gusset and 2 handles, the size of these will vary depending on the size of the bag you want.  I used 36cm x 36cm for the sides and 108cm x 22cm, Don’t worry if the gusset is too long at this stage it will be trimmed off later.

1. take a side piece (squareish piece) and the long gusset and line up with right sides together, starting at top edgeof the square and the long side of the gusset.  Sew around 3 sides of the square.SAMSUNG

2. Then add the other side piece in the same way. Iif your gusset is longer, (you will have a tail left over) make sure you start on the same end of gusset as your first side. you should now have a box shape.SAMSUNG

You can see on the right hand end of mine there is excess gusset fabric, don’t worry that will go the next step.SAMSUNG (my lovely demonstrator Lorraine)

3.  Cut off any excess gusset.  I used a rotary cutter but scissors work just fine.SAMSUNG

4. Neaten around the top edge.  I used an overlocker, but whatever way you like to do it is fine.


5. Fold over a 2.5 – 3.5cm hem all around the top and sew down.

Almost done, just have to make and attach handles.

6. I used a 7.5cm wide strip approx. 1.4m long.  Fold it in half lengthways and sew together.  If you are using an overlocker there is no need to turn it but make sure you sew it wrong sides together.  If using a sewing machine the sew it right sides together and then turn right side out.

7. once the 1.4m long strap is made and turned (if needed) cut it in half and top stitch down the length of the strap.  Once down the centre seam line is good for the overlocked version as it holds the seam down.  But you can sew up to 3 rows on the strap.

8. evenly space  the handles on to the upper edge of the sides, make sure you fold the raw edges under and sew them on in a figure eight pattern for strength.  Line up the other sides handles with the first side.SAMSUNG

(Sorry the photo is upside down)

Finished bag.

ed bag ed bags

Go ahead and try it,

Let me know how you go or if you have any questions.  I ‘d love to hear from you.

If you would like to see what else we have made for our community please visit www.facebook.com.au/destinyshelpinghands

If you would like to see what other things I make please visit my shop at http://www.thehandcraftedshop.com/gifted-styles-by-rebecca-anne


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