Stack- N -Slash

Stack- N -Slash

Years ago when my children were small I went to an amazing sewing retreat in Toowoomba. It was run by the Baptist church and even though it was in the middle of winter, there was a roaring fire, plenty of coffee and fresh muffins to keep everyone happy.  Our beds were warm and the showers were hot.  There was a fantastically talented group of ladies that taught those of us that wanted to learn something new. I decided to join in on a class that was teaching a patchwork technique that is great for either sewing machine or overlocker and also does not require 100% cotton fabrics.  Stack -n- Slash.

I have used this technique many times over the years, often using curtain fabric and I find that the overlocker works better  than the sewing machine. I have made cushions,

floor rugs, blankets SAMSUNG bags  SAMSUNG

pin cushions SAMSUNG

and placemats.

The fabrics in the photos are 100% cotton samples that were donated to me by Janome when they were cleaning out their office recently.  But as I said this technique works really well with curtaining fabric as well. The only tip I would have is that you choose fabrics with a similar weight.

Ok lets get started.

Stack -n – slash

First of all you need 4x12inch squares of fabric100_2251

a quilting ruler, mat and rotary cutter

sewing machine or overlocker

Stack them up into a pile, placing a pin in one corner of the top square,( this is for marking purposes only)( sorry the pin didn’t show up very well it is the orange blip in the top corner)


place the ruler across the stack, I like to go across a corner. Slash (cut) through all 4 squares in the stack.100_2253


Take the top piece from the pile WITHOUT the pin and place on the bottom of the pile,

Sew the squares back together in a chain DO NOT cut the thread in between each square. 100_2255This helps keep your stack in order. Iron each square flat. Starting with the last square sewn (the one at the end without the pin) cut the thread in between each square and restack the pile. lining up the shapes in each sewn square.  The square with the pin should be on the top. 100_2256


******A word of warning at this point.

I don’t know how this happens but one of your squares will always end up smaller that the other three.  It is ok, do not worry you haven’t done anything wrong, it just happens somehow.

back to it.

Now that you have the stack again with the pin in the top one, lay the ruler across another corner and slash (cut) through all layers again. 100_2257 (this will get a little challenging as you cut across the seams)  Remember to have a wide stance and put your weight over your board, press and push firmly.

Once again take the top piece from the pile WITHOUT the pin and place on the bottom of the pile, sew the squares back together in a chain, iron, cut threads and restack. (pinned piece on the top).  You will do this twice more. 4 cuts in all.

When you have made your 4 cuts you will have 4 rough squares that look a little like a star.

Measure the smallest square and trim each square to this size.

You now have 4 Stack -n -Slash squares.  Each time you do this you will have 4 squares to work with.SAMSUNG

Add some sashing in between and create a wheelchair sized lap quilt SAMSUNG  SAMSUNG

*******You can use any sized starting square, the only thing you need to remember is that after the sewing and trimming the final square will be approx. 2inches smaller than the original square.

Go on, have a go, You will be hooked

If you would like to keep up with ideas on how you can use things like this for the community visit our facebook page

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Leave me a comment or a photo of your efforts into stack n slash. I would love to see what you do.

See you again next Monday





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