1hr in my time

1hr in my time

It is Monday again and my next blog is due.  What will I share, my mind is blank, I haven’t done anything new and my daughters school holidays have started so I have been a little distracted with her needs and conversations.  So the day has gotten away from me, but I still need to do this blog. Ahhhh what will I do?  2.30pm comes around and an idea comes to me. Join me as I finish of a bunch of bible bags as asked for by Justine Wiltshire who is a missionary with Australia’s Indigenous in Halls Creek Western Australia. Image  3pm,  See my day really did get away from me. Time to start, I have a pile of bags that need handles, I have a pile of handles ready to be added to bags, lets see how many I can get done in 1hr. SAMSUNG   Here is the pile of bags ready to have their handles attached. I am not sure how many there, but I am sure there are more than it looks. While I am sewing these handles on, my daughter (who is going on 16) is watching wedding videos and deciding on her wedding dresses, there is no boyfriend but she is happily dreaming about that wonderful day.  Every girl dreams of her wedding day.  So every now and then I stop and have a little peak.  Ohhh so pretty, no that one is not right.   Oh sorry back to sewing. 5 then 10.  how many will there be? SAMSUNG  All done, there are no more handles to attach, so how many did I do?   17 in all and guess what time it is? SAMSUNG   4pm,  how about that,  17 finished bible bags in 1hour.  I hope the ladies in Halls Creek like them,   Only about 40 to go.  I had better start cutting up some more handles.   If you would like to see what else we do for the community visit our facebook page at facebook.com.au/destinyshelpinghands


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