Bargin hunt – quilts

Bargin hunt – quilts


Several years ago we had a Spotlight store just down the road from me. Then one day it closed down and moved to further down the road.  Anyway you may be wondering where I am going with this?  Hang with me a minute I will tell you.

When they closed they had a huge 2weeks of sale to clear the stock and make it easy to move. As the days went on the sale got better and better, well for the customer that is.  By the time I got in there it was the last day, there wasn’t much left, the pickings were very thin. I looked around and was about to walk out when over the speaker came a friendly voice that said “All rolls of fabric $2, yes $2 for the whole roll”. Well I don’t know about you but when a whole roll is $2 it kind of changes how you look at fabric.SAMSUNG

I turned around and went back to relook at the small amount of curtain rolls again, I found 3 children’s fabrics that co-ordinated together. I found some sort of movable display basket that I could drag around and hold the fabric while I waited for the incredibly long line. As I waited there were other things that I collected up and put in my trolley/display box on wheels.  I finally got to the register and made my purchase. If memory serves me correctly I think I spent about $30.

Ok so that was a great bargain story, but not much of a sample saviour story,  Well since then I have made 2 quilts that were donated to the Knitting 4 Brisbane’s needy, who put out a request for a family in need.


My daughter made her first patchwork quilt which was given to her newest cousin at his birth and one of Destiny Helping Hands ladies made another 2 quilt tops.  These 2 quilt tops sat around for months in a pile waiting to be quilted.Today was the day, these quilt tops got their middle, bottom and border and are now a completed quilt ready for a life with a special child in Halls Creek WA


If you would like to find out more about what Destiny Helping Hands does for our community, visit our facebook page at

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