Mothers Day, Make or Buy?

Mothers Day, Make or Buy?

I thought seeing as it is Mothers Day in Australia this Sunday I would do an extra post especially for Mothers day.

When Mothers day comes around do you Make or Buy?

Being a creative person and with my mum being so far away from me I will always try to Make.  But always wanting to make and having a very practical mum, she is not into pretty things that do nothing, Oh she will always say the right things, with all the oohhh and aaahhh’s that are required when a gift is given, but unless it does something it will just sit there gathering dust.  Then there is the issue of the high cost of postage in Australia, so I try to keep it small and light weight.

Over the last couple of years I have been experimenting with Tea, I found a party plan type of seller who would come to your home and put on a Tea party allowing you and your guests to try a range of teas as well as learn all there is to know about the growing, processing and health benefits of tea. You were then able to put your order in and start your journey into the world of gourmet tea.

Over Christmas I spent some time with my sister in Adelaide and introduced her to gourmet tea. We tried a Rose tea and a Vanilla Slice tea, then there was Wine & Roses tea.  All different and all delicious.

**** Just a side note If you are wanting to cut down on sugar in your diet, you can do it by drinking gourmet tea, a lot of them don’t require sugar to taste nice. The other tip is to never over brew (leave the bag in) your tea, this draws out the Tannin and makes it bitter which can only be covered up by lots of sugar. So brew you tea for 3-5 mins and throw the bag away. NEVER use it again.

When I returned home to Queensland and went to my local tea shop to purchase more tea, I made teabags out of coffee filters and sent them in the post to my sister, the next batch was Oriental Chai, Cherry Ripe, Crème Brulee, Lime and Coconut Green tea, Japanese Lime tea, Herbal Infusion.  There are so many to try.

Ok back to mothers day, I thought I would use the same idea for mum. She love tea and although was brought up during the war when there was only loose leaf tea, no such thing as tea bags, she has not had much experience with gourmet teas.  I have decided to make her some gourmet teabags with love.  Very simple, very light, and very practical.

Last time I was in the tea shop I bought a box of tea bags (just the bags) so I can make up nice bags and send them to my sister.  To make them a little special draw a love heart on the bag as big as the bag will allow. Image

Sew around your line either on the machine using a long stitch or by hand using running stitch.  Leave an opening at the top for filling.  I leave a long tail of thread at the beginning and the end so I can close and create a string to jiggle the bag with. Image

I then went and made myself labels for each tea and after filling the bags with one teaspoon of tea and closing them using the thread tails, I attached my labels. Image

I made a variety box of tea. One for each day of the week. Image

I think the only thing that would make this even more special would be that I was able to share these teas with her.  Happy Mothers day Mum, you have been and incredible woman of God. I love you heaps.

Try making them yourself, send me pictures of your mothers day gifts, I love to get feedback.

Ok time to go make another cup of Tea, Oriental Chai this time I think

I hope you enjoyed this quick and simple gift idea.

For more quick and simple ideas that can use up lots of small scraps follow me each Monday.

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Or if you are a Buy sort of person you can go visit my online shop and purchase something unique and never to be repeated



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