Tidy overlocker corners

Tidy overlocker corners

A few weeks ago I was asked through my Destiny Helping Hands group to help the Endeavour foundation by making 12 small bean bags, which will be used in the Heart Moves exercise program.  The task seemed an easy one, it was just a matter of making some square bean bags, right?

Well in essence that is correct, but this blog is called ‘Sample Saviour’ so how can I make a significant blog about this request?

I came home and had a look around my sewing room (which I have to tell you is extensive) to find some sample that I could use.  I was very pleased to find a pile of 5″ x7″ samples.  These had been sitting there for a while. Having been donated to me by a fabric manufacturer called Materalised. They were all the same size, very thick and there were such a lot of them that even though they were small I couldn’t throw them out.  Surely they could be of use at some point.  Well today is the day, these small thick samples shall have a new life. They will help people in recovery to gain some of their motor skills back.

Please watch my youtube video to see how I make neat and tidy edges on the edges which will be seen and will get a lot of activity.

If you would like to know more about my group Destiny Helping Hands and how we help our community, please visit our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/destinyshelpinghands. Leave me a message, ask a question, come visit us on Saturdays at Destiny church, Caboolture 9-12.






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