Glo-mesh makeup bag

Glo-mesh makeup bag

What do you do when you get a sample of fabric that is covered in sequins?  You make a glam makeup bag of course! SAMSUNG

My latest donation contained a huge range of sample pieces from a dress fabric manufacturer, amongst it was a lovely piece of sequined fabric.  It was perfect to glam up the ordinary makeup bag.

Keep reading I will show you how to make it so that there are NO seams visible. Very neat.

Collect your supplies, Sequined fabric, lining (I have used silk), and a zip. SAMSUNG

Cut one outside or main fabric and two lining pieces half the size + 1/4 inch for seam allowance.

Place the zip right side down along the edge of the main fabric and place the lining on top creating a zipper sandwich.  Using a zipper foot sew the zip in place. SAMSUNG

turn to the right side (the zip will be at the top with the main fabric and lining either side but hanging down. SAMSUNG

top stitch along the edge to prevent fabric getting stuck in the zip.

repeat the process with the other side of the zip. creating the zipper sandwich.

You now will have a tube of main fabric joined to two pieces of lining by a zip. SAMSUNG

Open up the zip and fold back the second side so you can top stitch.

Stitch the linings together along the bottom leaving and opening in the middle for turning.

Close the zip, but not all the way, leave an opening for turning.

Now you will have 2 tubes connected by a zipper.

Now this is where it becomes a little tricky, but if you follow this step you will hide all the seams. Which is great when working with silk, it has a tendency to frey heaps.

laying the fabric flat on the table, firstly the lining with the seam in the centre, then line up the zip with that seam, then the centre of the main fabric. Pretend you are squishing a number 8 top to bottom. SAMSUNG

Pin the ends together.  The end that has the open zip be careful to pin it close together so the zip doesn’t gape when sewn. SAMSUNG

sew across each end and then turn inside out through the hole in the lining. You will find that you sort of have to turn it out twice one through the lining and then again through the open zip.  Have a look NO visible seams, they are all neatly tucked away inbetween the layers, and all done in one step.  How cool!

Stich up the hole in the lining. SAMSUNG

You could leave it there, if you want, but if you want to take it one step further keep reading.     SAMSUNG

To make it into a box shape with a handle, firstly make a handle, a tube of fabric that is top stitched to keep it flat. SAMSUNG

I make box corners at each corner, poking each corner inside and then sewing across.  at one end I insert the handle to each side before sewing across.  This is tricky, but if you are patient you will get it. SAMSUNG SAMSUNG in this photo the handle has been stitched into one side of the box corner and is about to be stitched into the other side.


Ok you are done, you now have a box glam makeup bag.

If you would like to purchase one that I have made please go visit my shop




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