Bag Challenge

Bag Challenge

A challenge, A challenge. Yay,             I think……..

Why a challenge?        Well why not?

What for?             Well I thought it would be a good way of getting something done quickly and why not blog about it in the process.  Well isn’t that what us bloggers do? take anything and everything we do and find a way that makes it a little bit interesting to our followers.

Twice a year I organise a retreat for the ladies in my Destiny Helping Hands Charity craft group.  We pack up the craft projects, some bedding and toiletries into the car and travel to Brookside in Brisbane where we set ourselves up for a weekend of craft, friendship, laughing, good food, fellowship, prayer and amazing amounts of creativity.

A favourite part of the weekend is the welcome pack that everyone gets upon arrival.  Each time it is different, each time is new, each time there is something handmade.  So that is what I am doing today. I have cut out 15 bags  and am making them to give as gifts. The bag is made up using some of the larger pieces of curtain fabric in my stash which was donated by Creative Curtains in Morayfield.


Let me get set up and then we will start the timer and see how many I can get done before the kids come home from school.

9.50am  I start, wow this is great, these are so quick when they are cut out and ready to go.

10:15am  Why has no-one ever shown me the knee lift on my machine?  I have been sewing for 20years and it was only last weekend that my good friend Jenny introduced me to the knee lift.  Wow that makes such a difference when doing a lot of turning.  Thanks Jenny.

10.30am  time to stop for a coffee and chocolate. So how many have I done?  11 bag bodies including lining. These are the simplest lined bags ever.  Leave me a comment if you would like me to do a tutorial on how to make these bags.  SAMSUNG The photo may look a little confusing, but the colour is the lining and the white is the wrong side of the outside. Sorry I think that description just made it worse.  Any way they are not finished yet, so be patient and keep reading.


Mmmmmmm  Cofffeeeee, Chocolateeeeee.   They just go so well together.

Coffee all gone, chocolate all gone I guess that means it is time to get back to it.

10:50am start again.

11:10am, all done, well all the bag bodies are done, now to turn them the right way, iron them and close up the hole. Plus handles to cut and make and attach.    ooohhhh still so much to do, but plenty of time to do it.

12:05pm  all holes are sewn shut, all bags are ironed, all tops are topstitched.  time for lunch.   SAMSUNG

12:25pm  back to it, time to do box corners.  I love box corners on bags, they give the bag so much more body and structure, in this case they hold the lining down as well.

12:50pm  30 box corners complete. now all that is left is making handles and attaching them.

Note to self: when starting a challenge, Make sure you have wound many bobbins in preparation. It is such a waste of time when the bobbin runs out.

Keep going, keep going, time is running out, will I get it done? SAMSUNG

3:40pm  Whew!!!!! all done just in time to go meet my daughter at the bus.

If you would like to join us in Brisbane QLD for a craft retreat in October 2014 contact me by clicking the follow button and then send me an email I will give you all the details. We are always looking for new friends.

Remember if you want me to do a tutorial please comment and let me know.




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