Tech update

Tech update

If you are like me and are new to blogging you will relate to this blog.  I have recently had a crash course into the world of blogging.  The lady said it would be fun, she said it was easy and straight forward, just follow the template she said.  Well I did that but it was very bland, I must put out a thankyou to those people who have supported my blog in it’s infancy.

I finally decide to get some help from someone who actually understands what all these terminology means.  I sought her to have a look over all my internet ventures, She gave me a honest assessment and lots of great advice. I would recommend her if you need any help sorting and refreshing your internet presence, especially if it is craft orientated. Her email address is

After a couple of weeks fumbling around and getting very frustrated as well as feeling apprehensive about pressing the button, a close friend helped me understand where everything was and what everything was.  She was an incredible help, with me having many ahhhh moments as she walked me through the ins and outs of blog template.  If you are starting a blog I would recommend a lesson or two with Julie-Ann so you can set it up and understand what and how to make it look great. Her details are .  Although I have still a long way to go in becoming blog savy, I think the difference is obvious.  What do you think?  Please comment below and let me know.


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  1. Sounds good, I’ll check it out. Say, would you like to write a guest post for one of my blogs? Might help to make your experience more fun. 🙂


      • Awesome! Anything related to technology, maybe in energy management, social media, wireless technologies, or just technology in relation to humans and social interaction. Along one of those lines or similar. Email it to kimaligroup@gmail with whichever name and contact you would like me to use to credit you with.


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