A Letter to self

A Letter to self

Six months ago I attended a Craft into Cash conference with Suzanne Robinson. It was an inspiring and informative conference.  One of the final activities was to write yourself a letter of encouragement, seal it, address it then leave it with Suzanne. She would then wait six months and send it out, knowing that this is the time when you will be feeling discouraged and need a lift.  Well she was right.

I received my letter in the post this week and the timing couldn’t have been better.  As I read it I had a strong feeling that I should share it as others need to be encouraged as well.

So please read my letter to me and if it encourages you share it with someone else and encourage them also.


Dear You,

Today you are making the biggest step of your life. You are about to start on an amazing journey. You know it will not be all easy but it will be worth it.

God created you perfect and for a purpose. This is that purpose and he knows what you are going through, he is there in it with you. You may be feeling low or a little deflated but remember that when You are weak He is strong.

You are unique and have an incredible talent to share, you have a unique product line to create and you are on your way. So far you are growing roots and stabilizing yourself, you may not be ready to burst forth into fruit but you are preparing for it. Remember how long it takes for a plant to produce fruit. It doesn’t happen instantly and neither will this project, but be assured it will snowball, it will grow, it will expand. Your dreams WILL come true.

You are incredible and you are talented. No matter what has happened since writing this, Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Get up, dust yourself off, spend time soaking in God’s presence, pray and move on. God is good he wants you to succeed, he wants good things for you. You are loved. Always remember your worth – Never undersell yourself.

You are worth more than Gold.


If you have been encouraged, please pass this on to someone else that may need it.

you can do it





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  1. Hi Rebecca… Thanks so much for your letter to yourself and words of encouragement. Love all you do and the effort you put into the ladies at Helping Hands… Wonderful hearts bursting with generosity as you help to fill a need and put a smile on the faces of many 100’s who receive. Keep loving…💖 You make a difference! Blessings, Karen Xxx 😊


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