Sample Saviour was inspired by a series of events, In 2012 I started a charity craft group called Destiny Helping Hands, our aim is to find the needs in our community and then creatively fill them using donated materials. These are then donated to many community organisations.

I found a couple of suppliers that were very happy to donated their used and discontinued samples.  These samples began to choke my sewing room and I had to do some extra work to get rid of the stash and make a difference to my community.  So I decided to blog about how I am using these samples, saving them from the rubbish tip and giving them a new purpose. Hopefully inspiring others to do the same. We are always looking for new friends to come along and join our happy crew. We meet almost every Saturday at Destiny Church Caboolture which is situated at the very end of Parish Rd Caboolture, we start at 9am and finish at 12pm, with a morning tea time of about 10.30am. We ask that you put in a gold coin donation to help with morning tea and incidentals that don’t get donated.  Please visit our facebook page at see what we do and click the like button.

I also use some of the samples to make unique one off items and sell them on my shop at http://www.thehandcraftedshop/giftedstylesbyrebeccaanne.



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